Baker's Yeast Tin

     If you are serious about pumping up the flavor of your dough, you have to try Aruba Baker’s Yeast. The gases from the wild yeast give the bread a flavor like no other cultured yeast can deliver as well as slow and long rise.

Unit barcodeBox barcodePack barcode
Baker's Yeast 28.35g5285002194642--
H.S. code2102.10.10.00
Packaging28.35g Tin
Box content 48 units
Box Specifications
Volume 0.006 cbm
Weight-Net: 1.36 kg
-Gross: 2.70 kg
Container Load
Container load20': 4,400 40': 8,500 40' HC: 9,200
Shelf lifeStandard: 2 years