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  • Aruba Hot Chocolate new Flavors

    Hintrag announced the launch of 4 new items as part of it’s Hot Chocolate range. This addition consists of White Hot Chocolate and Mocha Hot Chocolate both available as Light and 3 in1.

    “after the huge success of Aruba hot chocolate dark and milk when it was launched back in 2018, we knew it was an area that we want to explore more” said Mr. Samer Hache, Managing partner at Hintrag s.a.r.l. "and with endless flavors and formulas to choose from, we jump immediately to work. 2 years later we are launching 2 new flavors that we know will fast become favorites to our customer" he added.

    For the past couple weeks, Hintrag started rolling out these products in several markets across Lebanon, and over 30 other countries, to a very positive feedback.


    Today Aruba range of Hot Chocolate Products consist of 8 Items:

    Aruba Hot Chocolate 3in1 Dark, Aruba Hot Chocolate Light Dark, Aruba Hot Chocolate 3in1 Millk, Aruba Hot Chocolate Light Milk, Aruba Hot Chocolate 3in1 Mocha, Aruba Hot Chocolate Light Mocha, Aruba Hot Chocolate 3in1 White and Aruba Hot Chocolate Light White