Vanillin Sachet x3

Aruba Sugar Vanillin is a convenient way to add the vanilla flavor to your favorite baked goods. Sprinkle it on your treats before baking for perfect results.

Unit barcodeBox barcodePack barcode
Sugar Vanillin 5g x 352850021907745285002190798-
H.S. code1701.99.10.90
PackagingPack of 3 sachets x 5g = 15g
Box content 120 units (20 packs of 3 sachets)
Box Specifications
Volume 0.027 cbm
Weight-Net: 2.25 kg
-Gross: 2.7 kg
Container Load
Container load20': 1,150 40': 2,250 40' HC: 2,500
Shelf lifeStandard: 2 years