ARUBA Instant Powder Drink Strawberry Light

     Aruba sugar free drink is ideal for a balanced diet. It is very low in calories while preserving the tasty Strawberry flavor of the drink.

Unit barcodeBox barcodeDisplay barcode
Strawberry Light528500219628852850021962885285002196318
H.S. code2106.90.98.49
PackagingStick sachet of 8 g.
Box content 144 sticks (6 display of 24 sachets each)
Box Specifications
Volume 0.012 cbm
Weight-Net: 1.296 kg
-Gross: 2 kg
Container Load
Container load20': 2,300 40': 4,615 40' HC: 4,615
Shelf lifeStandard: 2 years